Another shocking news.

The EFCC have recently discovered a huge amount of money in a Lagos Home.The amount was said to reach an estimated amount of  38 million Naija in cash. I wonder when the corruption will stop.    .


The jamb hassle

The JAMB board has released a new system and the system is what they call the point system. The system operates as follows:


For WAEC result. A1=6points

B2 or B3=4points.


This system comes as result of the scrapping of the Post UTME.

For jamb the scheme can be summed up as follows

The points for jamb are added to those of warm.

Note:if you use one result at one sitting  you earn 10points while combined results give only two points. Bring your comments pouring in on this issue.

The tear drop:a poem to see.

It runs down their eyes


their cries reveberate in the town

the burden wearing their hearts out.

It runs fast;

The tears of the poor

poverty becomes their neifghbour,

their right hand man

although they labour

their tears still soak the sand.

I stand beside the town

looking, watching, hoping

for a change

but its far away.

The issue called life

When i hear the word life, I often wonder what it entails beyond the shores and boundaries of Nigeria and Africa.I have always dreamed of studying in new York city.I had this dream when I watched the movie step up.the movie was not the only thing that inspired me;the music also did;Alicia keys’ empire state of mind inspired me,she sang:

“in new York…. this streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you”

Alicia was right the lights really did inspire me even when I was not in New york.

i often wondered when Nigeria would become new york, cos I dont see that any where near,but I still love my country wholeheartedly.