Is Iris really dead?

For those that love the action series:the flash. They would know the tension and climax that is going on in the heat of the moment. The episode 22 shows that Iris is dead,  but can this be true? Barry is devastated  after savita stabs Iris in the back. The show is really hot right now and I can’t get my mind off it.


The wwe battle

the wwespher is abig one and represnts the most entertaining world of wrestling, spectators range from kids to adults. the world of wrestling is one that i love so much, we have superstars like

  • JOHN CENAimages (3)john
  • ROMAN REIGNSimages (4)
  • DEAN AMBROSE   images (3)
  • OTHERS….     images (2)

The WWE atmosphere is buzzing right now; In the house of horrors match on the ppe payback, my favourite wrestler gets smashed and destroyed by his opponents.the sphere is ablaze!